The SheATL Summer Theater Festival (In Person)

The SheATL Summer Theater Festival (In Person)

Hosted by:
SheNYC Arts
SheNYC Arts
Event date August 2021
Event location
The Windmill Arts Center
2823 Church Street
East Point, GA 30344
  • Gender Equality
  • Arts & Culture
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Ticket Information

The SheATL Summer Theater Festival will have an in person performance of 3 full-length plays:

8/25 at 7:30pm EDT: Four Wives and a Will by Bernette Sherman
8/27 at 7:30pm EDT: And God Forbid It Should Be So by Roz Sullivan-Lovett
8/28 at 7:30pm EDT: To Free A Mockingbird by Grace Aki

To get your ticket, please make a minimum $15 donation to SheNYC Arts. And if you make a donation of $20 or more, $5 of your ticket will go directly to the writer of the play.

Note that in order to be admitted entry into the theater, all patrons MUST show either: proof of vaccination, or proof of a negative COVID-19 test result in the 48 hours prior to the show time. Patrons will also be asked to wear masks during the performance. These measures are non-negotiable and are implemented for the safety of our staff and performers, who are held to the same testing/vaccination requirements.

Event Information

When Will Crossman dies he leaves behind four ex-wives and a daughter. There’s also the mysterious box everyone wants to get their hands on at the reading of the will. Lenora fails to guard it and the truth about Kimberly’s father is revealed. Despite his flaws, Will tries to make some things right through his will.With humor and pointed lines these women show the impact of personal histories on their emotional and mental health – and the importance of self-care. Still, there’s no love lost as bitterness and jealousy threaten to derail the evening.

And God Forbid It Should Be So is a short exorcism of gendered narratives featuring a spirited maiden, a blood-thirsty bridegroom, and roughly six variations of the 17th– century fairy tale Bluebeard’s Wife. While trapped in the quiet dining room of their own body, a young person scrambles to construct a queer selfhood in time for their future spouse to knock on the door. A story about unimaginable adulthoods and non-binary identity, this play digs up and feasts on the horror of discovering who you are.

To Free a Mockingbird is a combination of storytelling and stand-up, with heart. We follow Grace’s family’s journey across the sea and through the south. An examination of ‘Gone with the Wind’, family secrets and how our stories get told. To Free A Mockingbird is a vulnerable and daring piece, filled with Grace’s effortless humor and honesty. This is her story and maybe yours as well.

More About The Cause(s)

SheNYC Arts is a group of theater professionals who showcase the talents of women & non-binary writers and other theater artists, proving that there is no reason for male writers, directors and composers to have the overwhelming majority of produced work. Our programs include Summer Theater Festivals in NYC, LA, and Atlanta, and CreateHER, a career training program for high school girls. Learn more at

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